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Welcome to Chakra Indian Student Association !

• CISA caters to the Indian community at University of New Orleans. We work towards propagating the culture, traditions and arts of India in the United States of America. We enable students, faculty and staff members, both of Indian origin and interested non-Indian folks to enjoy, appreciate and be a part of our rich & colorful heritage.

• CISA at University of New Orleans strives to provide a stable support system and a rich cultural experience especially for Indian students and students of Indian origin enrolled at UNO. CISA tries to bring all Indian students, faculty and staff members together and understand Indian culture and heritage.

• CISA has about 150 members & is recognized by the Student Government (SG), the Student Activity Council (SAC) and Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) as one of the most active and dynamic student organization.

• Halfway across the world, we attempt to assimilate the American culture and also to keep in touch with the rich Indian culture. CISA provides means for a student to adjust to the new environment and culture and inform him/her about all policies and procedures of the School. Being so far from home it is also important to nurture the feeling of love, care and togetherness among Indians. This is encouraged by the various events, functions and festivals celebrated by CISA.

• Since its inception, ISA has conducted several events including India Nite, Holi celebration, Tea Hour; apart from screening Indian movies and taking part in international events on campus like The International Night, etc.

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• Please make sure to visit our website frequently for any upcoming events and updates. We hope you have a pleasant and memorable interaction with CISA.