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About CISA

  • CHAKRA INDIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION (CISA), founded in 1983, is recognized by the Student Government (SG), the Student Activity Council (SAC) , Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) and the International Student Organization (ISO) as one of the most active & dynamic cultural student organization in UNO.

  • CISA at University of New Orleans strives to provide a stable support system and a rich cultural experience especially for Indian students and students of Indian origin. We enable all the students, faculty and staff members, both of Indian origin and interested non-Indian folks to enjoy, appreciate and be a part of our rich & colorful heritage of INDIA. Halfway across the world, we attempt to assimilate the American culture and also to keep in touch with the rich Indian culture.

  • CISA caters to the Indian community at University of New Orleans. We work along with the other INDIAN Communities, Organizations towards propagating the culture, traditions and arts of INDIA in the United States of America. CISA provides means for the students to adjust to the new environment and culture and inform him/her about all policies and procedures of the School. Being so far from Home; it is also important to nurture the feeling of Love, Care and Uniqueness among the Indians. We gain this by hosting many events, Cultural & Traditional Celebrations at UNO. Since its inception, the CISA has conducted several events. We actively participate in the International Night hosted by ISO every at UNO. Major events from CISA are Holi celebration, INDIAN/ Diwali Night. Apart from these we have few other events like Tea Hour; Screening Indian movies and taking part of other events on campus. As per the Tradition, Students show interest to celebrate Vinayaka Chavithi, Dussehra, Pongal, Ram Navami, Ugadi etc.

  • Its mandatory for the students who enroll at UNO to have an insurance coverage. International Students may choose their Insurance coverage either from University (or) from the known third parties. We recommend students choosing the third party service from ISOA - International Student Insurance. This is very cheap and flexible to students. We recommend the students for cheap international calling services. You can make cheap calls to India or any other place of your choice and stay connected with your loved ones at a very low calling rate. You can register for ISOA insurance here

  • Join us for regular meetings: This is when decisions are made. Participate/volunteer in our events - Be the organization member - Buzz yourself!!! Please make sure to visit our website frequently for any upcoming events and updates. We hope you have a pleasant and memorable interaction with CISA.

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Holi Celebration


Thanks Giving Party


Indian Dance Show

at HPC,2015

International Night

at HPC,2014

Republic Day


Board Members

Sumanth Bandaru

MS in Computer Science

  WhatsApp: +91 9014489980
Tel: (504)505-1431

Rakesh Reddy Neelam

MS in Computer Science

    Email: rneelam1@my.uno.edu
  Tel: (314)363-8424

Priyatham Sanjeeva Reddy Ramidi

Vice President
MS in N&M Engineering

    Email: pramidi@my.uno.edu
  Tel: (504)435-3400

Sushma Kalle

MS in Computer Science

    Email: skalle@uno.edu
  Tel: (504)816-1627

Saitejkrushnarjuna Chirugudu

MS in N&M Engineering

    Email: schirugu@uno.edu
  Tel: (504)214-7077

Shivank Srivastava

Public Relations Officer
MS in N&M Engineering

    Email: ssrivast@my.uno.edu
  WhatsApp: +91 9999454990

Naga Sasi Devarakonda

Cultural Chair
MS in N&M Engineering

    Email: ndevarak@my.uno.edu
  Tel: (832)913-9864

Faculty Members

Frequently Asked Questions

  •    What are the things to keep in mind before arriving to USA?
  • The general pre-arrival information are described in the attached PDF. Please Click Here to go through the document.

  •    What is the good time to arrive at UNO?
  • You can arrive as much as one month before the official start date of college. Arriving early will help you to find an apartment quickly, and if you are lucky (very lucky), get an on-campus job. Arriving 2 weeks before the start date is a reasonable time.

  •     We are a group of students coming to UNO. Can you reserve an apartment for us?
  • No. Apartment-search needs a personal touch and varies according to your preferences. It is not possible for us to do it for everyone. But you definitely have an option of staying on-campus at Bienville Hall or Privateer Place. You can reserve a place online by visiting http://housing.uno.edu/. If you know someone personally, you can ask them to book one for you. However, everyone eventually gets a place to stay, so don’t worry

  •    I am new to U.S.A. Can you come to pick me up at the airport?
  • Yes, we can. You have to inform us about your flight plan etc. and get a confirmation email from us before hand. In case you have already contacted the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) at UNO please let us know so that we can work it out with them.

  •    How do we reach UNO from the airport?
  • There are 2 ways, Taxi and Shuttle(shared mini-vans). Taxis are typically quite expensive (around $30-$35), so shuttle is the most economical way to come to UNO from the airport. There are shuttle booths next to the baggage claim at the airport. They will charge around $15 per person. Shuttles will drop you in front of Bienville Hall. (If you contact us in time, you won’t have to do that because we will pick you up from the airport)

  •    What do we do after coming to UNO?
    • After you arrive here, you have to
    •   Contact OISS
    •   Register with UNO
    •   Open Bank Account
    •   Register for courses
    •   Attend orientation session
    •   Find on-campus job if you plan to
    •   Apply for Louisiana ID Card
  •     How do I look for an apartment?
  • Ask everyone you know. Ask the people you are staying with. Look for "Now Leasing" banners in front of the apartments. They usually have a number written, which you can call up. (Do not hesitate to call or leave a message.


  • Chakra Indian Student Association

  • University Center
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  • New Orleans, LA 70148
  • Email : chakra.uno@gmail.com


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